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In Karma’s Korner, the success of your health and fitness journey is my number one priority! Because of that dedication to your results, I offer a variety of services.


In-person training, online personal training & programming, nutrition coaching & meal plans or a combination of all provide you with the comprehensive tools you need to smash your goals. 


Whether you want to lose weight & fat, transform your lifestyle, maintain healthy habits, gain muscle and shape your body or hone your skills for specific sports – Karma’s Korner will have your back every step of the way. You’ll also be empowered to be the best version of yourself through the awesome community of people that are here to support you.


Personal Training


  • Private one on one training sessions (1 hour each)

  • Tag team training (couples/friends)

    • train with a friend or loved one

  • Semi-private small group training

    • maximum of 4-6 people

  • Figure and Women’s Physique

    • Competition posing/stage presence coaching


Personal Training

​​Customized training programs and meal plans are available to anyone anywhere in the world. If you have goals and a wifi signal, I can help you!


Training Programs


​Your Training Program is specific to you, your goals, your lifestyle and your access to exercise equipment – whether that be at home, a public gym, your condo’s fitness facility or even an outdoor park.

Meal Plans &
Nutrition Plans

Meal plans are custom tailored for you. Specific macros (carbs, protein, fat) portion sizes laid out to take any guessing out of the equation. Your preferred methodology of nutrition is taken into careful consideration (clean eating, vegan, paleo, etc.). A suggested vitamin and mineral supplementation schedule will also be given.


Which is Right for You?

Regardless of what training option you decide on, I’ll always provide you with the accountability, motivation and discipline you need to conquer each step. We’ll be in constant communication. It’s important we stay connected, in-person or online, so your success comes to you in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  
Referral bonuses available to all in-person and online personal training clients.

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