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In-Person Training Price List

In Person One on One Training sessions include:

  • an agreed upon frequency of one hour training sessions per week (1-5 sessions/week)

  • your training sessions are one on one. Small group training can be created upon request

  • once you decide on your training package, we will then decide what muscle groups/types of activities/specific training we’ll be working on the days you come in as well as the training style that’ll be best suited for the goals that you want to achieve

  • Unlimited communication – whenever you have a question, concern, need added motivation or want to tell me about your successes, you can call, text or email anytime

  • Minimum of weekly check-ins – this can be done via email, phone or in person – I need to know how you are doing with your Programs and Plans

  • Accountability, Expertise and Education – you have the advantage of living in the same local area as me. Texts and calls are always welcome.  I want to make sure you are accountable to your goals.  I take your success personally and want the best results for you.  You will have full access to my extensive expertise and practical experience

  • Progress Photos – these photos serve as a great measuring tool of how your body is changing and where. We will also be taking your full set of measurements along with testing body fat percentage and your weight

One on one Personal Training sessions – 1 hour
***All Personal Training packages must be paid in full before starting your month of sessions***
Drop-in sessions = $75 each

  • 1x/week = $240/month ​($240/4 = $60.00/session)

  • 2x/week = $400/month ​($400/8 = $50.00/session)

  • 3x/week = $570/month ​($570/12= $47.50/session)

  • 4x/week = $712/month ​($712/16 = $44.50/session)

  • 5x/week = $850/month ​($850/20 = $42.50/session)

Nutrition Price List

Custom designed Nutrition/Meal Plans = $150/month:

  • Comprehensive Meal Plan that outlines in detail specific foods, their portion sizes as well as meal timing/number of meals per day

  • Adjustments made to the plan when needed for further progress and success

  • Meal Plan is created to compliment and coincide with the custom designed Training Program – therefore producing the most effective system for you to safely reach your goals

Meal Plans also include:

  • Goal Specific Supplementation Schedule

  • Vitamin, mineral and supplement schedule will be mapped out for you

  • The supplementation schedule will be an integral part of your overall health & fitness plan

  • The supplementation schedule is designed to cover any deficiencies in nutrition/vitamins/minerals that your food does not naturally bring to you. It will also help to ensure your metabolism is running at peak efficiency

  • Cardio schedule/routine

Custom Designed Training Price List

Custom designed Training Program = $150/month:

  • Your Training Program will cover both strength training and cardio exercise as well as an ab exercise routine

  • Both aspects of physical exercise are crucial to you achieving (and exceeding) the goals you set forth for yourself

  • The strength training portion of your Program will be broken down into muscle groups/activities/training style/type that you will work on specific days throughout the week (when you’re not working with me One on One)

  • The cardio part of the plan will be outlined as well in accordance with the strength training and the progress you need to make

Karma’s Korner Figure, Women’s Physique and Bikini/Wellness Competition Prep

  • Details and prices available upon request.

Payment Options

Payment options include:

***All In-Person training packages as well as Online Training and Nutrition Coaching Services are to be paid in full, upfront and are non-refundable***

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